Yodok Stories


Inside North Korea

Today, more than 300.000 men, women and children are locked up in North Korea’s concentration camps. Systematic torture, starvation and murder is what face the inmates. Few survive many years in the camps, but the population is kept stable by a steady influx of new persons considered to be ‘class enemies’.

A small group of people have managed to flee from the camps to a new life in the prosperous South Korea. Some of them gather and decide to make an extraordinary and controversial musical about their experiences in the Yodok concentration camp.

Despite death threats and many obstacles the musical becomes a tour de force for this ensemble of refugees. For them a possibility opens to talk about their experiences and inspire others to protest the existence of the camps.


Andrzej Fidyk

Torstein Grude

Marcin Mironowicz and Jan Mikolaj, Mironowicz PSM

Original Music:
Kyung Chan Cha and Bartlomiej Wozniak

Written by:
Andrzej Fidyk

Tore Vollan and Torstein Grude


Kim Joung Soon
Jung Sung San
Lee Min Book
Kim Hyok
Kim Tae Jin
Lee Young Kuk
An Myong Chol

Production details

Original title
Yodok Stories


Feature Film: 83 min, TV-versions: 58 and 52 min

Korean and English

English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Norwegian, Polish, Korean, Japanese

HDCam, BetaCam, 35 mm, Blu-Ray, DVD

Production company
Piraya Film, MG Production, Fallen8, The Rafto Foundation, TVP

Production country
Norway, Poland

Kudos Family. Festival Distribution: The Norwegian Film Institute


Awards & Festivals


2010 Hollywood Eagle for Best Documentary, Polish Film Festival, USA

2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival: In the Spirit of Freedom Award

2009 Nominated for Best Cinematography, Plus Camerimage,  Poland

2008 Joris Ivens Awards Finalist, IDFA, The Netherlands

2008 Planet Doc Review, Warsaw: Youth Jury Award

2008 Bergen International Film Festival: Youth Jury’s Documentary Award


2012 North Korean Human Rights Film Festival in Toronto, Canada

2011 Input, Seoul, South Korea

2010 The Art of the Document Festival, Warsaw, Poland

2010 Brisbane Underground Film Festival, Australia

2010 Polish Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2010 Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival, Greece

2010 Victoria Film Festival, Canada

2009 Plus Camerimage, Poland

2009 Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia

2009 Århus filmfestival, Denmark

2009 Sheffield Docu Fest, UK

2009 Verzio Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Budapest

2009 People in Peril, Bratislava

2009 DMZ Docs, South Korea

2009 Document 7 – Int’l Human Rights Film Festival Glasgow

2009 Nagoya Refugee Film Festival, Japan

2009 Oakland Int. Film Festival, USA

2009 International Culture Forum, Sweden

2009 Nordisk Panorama 5 Cities Film Festival, Reykjavik

2009 Global Peace Film Festival, Orlando, USA

2009 Holocaust and Genocide International Films, Melbourne, Australia

2009 Jerusalem International Film Festival, Israel

2009 Senza Frontieri – Without Borders Film Festival, Rome

2009 Doxa Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver

2009 Tribeca Film Festival, USA

2009 Den norske dokumentarfilmfestivalen, Volda

2009 Beldocs, Beograd, Serbia 2009 Movies That Matter – Amnesty International Film Festival, Serbia

2009 Belfast Film Festival

2009 African, Asian and Latin American Film Festival, Milano

2009 One World Film Festival, Romania

2009 Amnesty International Film Festival Movies That Matters, The Netherlands

2009 One World Film Festival, Prague

2009 Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains, Geneva

2008 International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2008 Bergen Internasjonale Filmfestival

2008 Planet DocReview, Warsaw, Poland



Leaflets with information flying over border to North Korea

Director Andrzej Fidyk
Credit: Piraya Film as

Producer Torstein Grude
Credit: Piraya Film as

Director Jung Yodok Musical

Yodok Poster


Jung Sung San

Main character Jung Sung San


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