THE LOOK OF SILENCE nominated for Oscar

THE LOOK OF SILENCE has been nominated for Oscar in the category Documentary Feature.

THE LOOK OF SILENCE is directed by Joshua Oppenheimer, and is a sequel, or a twin, of his critically acclaimed and award-winning THE ACT OF KILLING, which was also nominated for Oscar. Both films are dealing with the genocide in Indonesia in the 1960s. While THE ACT OF KILLING focused on the killers, THE LOOK OF SILENCE is depicting how the survivors are dealing with living in a society where the murderers are still heroes, in a country that has not confronted its past.

The two films were shot simultaneously, but editing and postproduction process was done consecutively, and the films were launched worldwide with a two-year interval.

Like THE ACT OF KILLING, also THE LOOK OF SILENCE is produced by Final Cut for Real (Denmark) and co-produced by Torstein Grude and Bjarte Mørner Tveit for Piraya Film (Norway).  Distribution in Norway is handled by Kudos Family.

Oscar ceremony is on Feb 28.

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