Kudos Family launch international documentary channel

Kudos Family has signed a partnership with SnagFilms to distribute documentaries worldwide on the web. The Kudos Family Channel opens on Friday March 25th, featuring the Emmy-nominated doc Belarusian Waltz and festival favorites On a Tightrope and USA vs Al-Arian. New titles will regularly be released on the channel.

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“The partnership with SnagFilms allows us to share our films with audiences all over the world. For our filmmakers the Kudos Family Channel represents a great opportunity to show their award-winning films to new audiences. The technical solution and the democratic model is brilliant, allowing people to see the films they are interested in whenever they want, and then share with their friends, family and colleagues”, Kudos Family VPO Bjarte Mørner Tveit says.

“All the films we represent have had successful festival runs that have been wonderful and important for each title, but with regards to audiences the festival screenings are for the lucky few. The Kudos Family Channel gives us an opportunity to share great film experiences with thousands, perhaps millions we have not been able to reach earlier” Tveit continues.

SnagFilms.com allows audiences to “snag” or spread the films in three simple steps, facilitating the user to turn their homepages, blogs and Facebook pages into small online documentary-theatres where the user decides what is playing. Today more than 100,000 websites in the US alone share the films. AOL, IndieWIRE, ITVS and the Sundance Film Festival are among SnagFilms’ other partners.

If you would like to share our films, click here: http://www.snagfilms.com/films/widgets and add Belarusian Waltz, On a Tightrope and USA vs Al-Arian.

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