Liberia’s authorities to take legal actions against THE AMBASSADOR

Director Mads Brügger’s stunt in THE AMBASSADOR has enraged the Liberian authorities. The Liberian government has announced that they will take legal action against Brügger for purchasing a diplomatic passport and posing as an Liberian Honorary Consul and Ambassador-at-Large to the Central African Republic.

Revelations in the film has sent the Liberian press into a frenzy. An investigation headed by the Liberian Ministry of Justice has been launched, and even President, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, who signed Brüggers diplomatic credentials, has been forced to comment and vowed to seek Brügger’s extradition.

According to The Economist, the recent furor has made THE AMBASSADOR the most sought-after film on the pirated DVD-marked in Liberia: “Diplomats and documentaries”, The Economist.

“Mr Brügger probably needn’t lose any sleep. His most serious crime appears to have been to make the government look silly. But the episode is an interesting illustration of a country stuck between a dark past and a bright future.” The Economist states.

Both director Mads Brügger and Producer Peter Engel seem unaffected by recent developments. Brügger calmly says, “I have no intentions of vacationing in Liberia in the near future”. Whilst producer Peter Engel says “Liberia had passports for sale. We bought one”.

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