My Beloved to Nordische Filmtage

My Beloved will be screened at the Nordische Filmtage in L├╝beck Germany in early November.

The first screenings is in Stadthalle on November 3rd, a few days later on November 6th German audiences can once again have the pleasure of watching the film. Please check out the festival’s official website for more information:

Here’s the festival’s synopsis:

Jan Henry T. Olsen was the Norwegian Minister for Fishing until 1996. His wife Laila Lanes is a journalist and a well-known editor at the Norwegian broadcasting company NRK.

Jan Henry T. Olsen was a committed, eloquent politician who was not afraid to occasionally intone a song at major events. He still travels to international conferences, although he no longer speaks there about fishing. Instead, he speaks about his disease – Jan Henry T. Olsen is an Alzheimer’s patient. He was 51 when he was diagnosed with the first symptoms of dementia. Since then the married couple has battled the wall of silence that surrounds this new widespread disease.

They have imparted their experiences on what it means to live with Alzheimer’s in lectures, interviews, TV shows and a book. This film about the couple gives evidence of their commitment. And more so: the loving life of two partners who must face the greatest – and totally unexpected – challenge of their entire relationship.

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