Gunnar Goes God theatrical release

Our latest film Gunnar Goes God will premiere in Norwegian cinemas in February 2011.


A Scandinavian man’s quest for truth in the experience of God vs. the experience of middleclass boredom

 The Scandinavian family man Gunnar feels that despite having everything he needs in his middleclass life, something is missing. He longs for silence and spirituality, and decides to travel to the world’s first Christian monastery in Egypt to find some answers. During the journey we take part in Gunnar’s associations, dreams and memories, questioning the way we organize our lives, but also the problematic potential in organized religion.

In the monastery, Gunnar takes part in the everyday life of the monks, asking them questions about reality, solitude and death. Is their reality based on silence, prayers and meditation, something we in our rational reality long for and maybe need? Is it possible to bring something of this into our lives?

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